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What is Powell Combat Arts?


A system of empty-hand combat that combines Western Boxing, Filipino Boxing, and Kick-boxing.

Combat Sports Training


Improve your Boxing, Kick-boxing or MMA striking skills.

"Coach Roderick has a good way of showing you boxing technique. Coaching that will help you get better." - Cas

"I really enjoyed training with Coach Roderick." - Thaddeus

"Awesome coach!" - Anthony

Street Self-Defense


Learn to defend yourself using practical, realistic techniques.

"Coach Roderick teaches practical, useful techniques that prepare you for real-life situations." - Kawayns

"Coach Roderick's teaching style is very concise." - Tenaira

"Great coach gets the best out of you." - Erick

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Powell Combat Arts

Atlanta, GA

404-337-7213 "Se Habla Español”