ABOUT Coach Roderick


Founder of PCA

RODERICK POWELL founded Powell Combat Arts ("PCA") in 2016.  PCA is a system of empty-hand combat that combines Western Boxing, Filipino Boxing, and Kick-boxing. Powell conducts private training sessions in the Atlanta metro area by appointment only. He is the author of the book Winning in Combat Sports;  a treatise on Boxing and Mixed Martial Arts ("MMA") strategy and tactics for competitive fighters.

Western Boxing

Powell has extensive Western Boxing experience gained through training and sparring at numerous Boxing Gyms in the Atlanta area, including Delgado Boxing Gym, Team Octopus, Sweatshop Boxing, Decatur Boxing Club, UFC Gym, Knuckle Up Fitness, Buckhead Fight Club, and Title Boxing.  He also received boxing training from Floyd Mayweather Sr of TMT.  Powell is a Certified Boxing Coach through USA Boxing. 

Filipino Boxing

The Filipino Boxing (aka "Panantukan") component of PCA consists of empty-hand techniques derived from the use of weapons in Filipino Martial Arts ("FMA"). Powell trained in FMA at the Francis Fong Martial Arts Academy, the Atlanta Kali Group (Chris Caban), Kuntaw Kali Kruzada (Rich Acosta), the Minnesota Kali Group (Rick Faye and Andy Wilson), Atlanta Balintawak (Jemar Carcellar), and Balintawak Seattle (John Soriano).  He has attended FMA seminars conducted by Dan Inosanto (Inosanto-LaCoste), Daniel Sullivan (Warrior Arts Alliance), Zach Whitson (CTS), Tim Hartman (Presas Arnis), Bobby Taboada (Balintawak), Zac Taco and Eugene Nepangue (WOTBAG), Leo Gaje Jr, Apolo Ladra and Jared Wihongi (Pekiti Tirsia), and Ray Dionaldo (FCS). 


The kick-boxing component of PCA is primarily influenced by Jeet Kune Do ("JKD"). Powell trained in JKD at the Francis Fong Martial Arts Academy. He also completed 104 hours of seminar training in JKD under Dan Inosanto (protégé of Bruce Lee).  In addition, Powell trained and sparred in Muay Thai kick-boxing at UFC Gym.

Physical & Mental Fitness

Powell is a Certified MMA Conditioning Coach through NESTA.   He is a Certified Sports Psychology Coach through Spencer Institute.  Powell  is also certified in Adult First Aid/CPR/AED by the Red Cross.